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mission circle of Diggit

Diggit Student Life is convinced that the students constitute an important pillar for our future. A good framework is crucial to let the students thrive.

Diggit wants to offer an environment where the well-being of students in a connected world is paramount, with respect for our future generations.

We strive for sustainability, from a personal, ecological and economic perspective.

Our mission is to be a best in class quality service provider of sustainable student housing facilities, offering a feel good place for our future generations.

Diggit Student Life consists of a motivated team of employees at the service of the students and owners. Our Diggiteers form a complementary team in which operational experience from various angles is bundled. Diggit was founded by Arne Hermans and the background of the team ranges from lawyer, entrepreneur, manager in the student housing sector to syndic, IT professional, firefighter, etc.

In other words, a mix that enables us to offer an experienced, reliable and high-quality service to students, parents, owners, educational institutions and all other stakeholders who are concerned about good student care and who attach importance to a sense of peace of mind. Above all, all Diggiteers are passionate about ensuring that all Diggit students can have the time of their lives in a fun and comfortable environment.

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