Warm call

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Warm call

A student who until recently was staying in one of our residences has recently become paralysed in her lower body. To help her, she will be purchasing an assistance dog, but this has a price tag of no less than 19,000 euros. For this purpose, a fundraising campaign was launched (see also HLN), and we would like to make a heartfelt appeal for a small contribution, without obligation of course. Anyone can be affected by a (serious) setback and in such a case, we would undoubtedly also hope for the solidarity of others, so we hope we can also count on your support. Under the motto "many small ones make a big one", this need not be much at all. We will close our fund raising on 15 June 2021.

Transfers can be made to account number BE82 1431 1492 2368, stating "Collection action Lobke", and we will of course ensure that the collected amounts will be forwarded.

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Anyone with questions about suicide can contact the Suicide Line on freephone number 1813 or at